Expect a blurred line between indoor and outdoor areas in hotels. Hotel San Luis Obispo in California pictured. Ryan Gobuty
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The future of hotel design after COVID-19

The global pandemic halted travel in the short term, but its effects are going to last into the foreseeable future — and possibly forever. Hotel designers and architects are reworking existing projects and starting new ones with a focus on social distancing and contact-free systems. That means we can expect to see fundamental changes to hotels' meeting spaces, lobbies, guest rooms, and food and beverage options. The name of the game, hospitality designers say, is flexibility. They're working to create spaces that can evolve with the realities of public health as well as with the needs and preferences of guests. And while these concepts are designed with an eye on the future, even a vaccine isn't likely to derail some of the changes now in place.
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Travel’s Reopening: International

Travel’s Reopening: International What travel brands and sectors — hotels, destinations, marketers airlines, and more — are doing to restart travel across international markets.