Susanna Safaryan – Chairperson of The Tourism Committee, The Ministry of Economy of RA

The hotel industry is an essential contributor to the growth of the tourism sector.

Over the past few years, a new tendency has emerged within the hotel industry of Armenia – to build hotels in a certain style. Hotels in Armenia, as in the rest of the world, not only provide accommodation but also carry a specific mission, distinguishing themselves by their appearance, style, interior, internal atmosphere, emphasizing their uniqueness and competitive advantages.
Recently, hotels in Armenia have been aspiring to present national elements, such as culture, architectural solutions, traditional approaches and much more. It is worth mentioning that many hotels or guesthouses use a distinctive feature, typical for a certain location that increases the reputation of a tourism region and promotes local tourism offerings. In the hospitality field of Armenia, there is a noticeable growth of international hotel chains; today their number in Armenia exceeds 15. Moreover, it is important to note that the B&B hotel industry is actively developing in regions. This significantly contributes to the growth in tourist flows and revenues of the local population in regions.

In parallel with the growth of the tourism sector in Yerevan, the hotel industry is undergoing interesting changes as well. Hotels are being built both in the capital and the regional tourism destinations. Though hotel construction, recently, responds to decentralized (regional) tourism policies, Yerevan still maintains a leading position and brand-new hotels continue to grow in the capital, including the international hotel chains. It is noteworthy that more than a third of hotels in Armenia is located in the capital. Especially in the midst of the high season, the hotels are often overcrowded.

Today, the recently built hotels, in particular, are mostly guided by international tourism tendencies and standards, offering various event venues, including large conference halls, that are of high demand by the business sector and contribute to the development of MICE tourism in Armenia. The availability, quantity, and high occupancy rate of hotels play a decisive role in the economic development of regions. By offering unique hospitality experiences, hotels create a positive image of the region. Nowadays, there is a growing number of hotels that differ in their accommodation capacities, varied services, architectural solutions, as well as the level of comfort and choice of location. Given the increase of annual tourist visits to Armenia and the necessity to direct these flows to regions, today, the construction of new local hotels is still of great importance. The success of the regional hotel industry hinges on offering authentic travel experiences through gastro, eco, agro and eno-tourism.

Source: Statistical Committee of Armenia
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