Stanisav Stojcic – General Manager at Hyatt Place Yerevan

Mr. Stojcic, please tell us about your journey in the hospitality industry. When did it start and why you chose to work in this field?
Firstly, I want to thank the Hotelier Magazine for the opportunity to share our story with your esteemed readers and to wish you all a lot of success in all your endeavors! My Hyatt journey starts 29 years ago in Belgrade, Serbia. 12 years later, I am in the CIS region, working in different Hyatt properties in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. One year of exposure in 2012 in our headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland opens new horizons and brings the Hyatt culture closer to the heart and mind. Career continues with two big projects in Vladivostok, Russia and as of 2014, I’ve been with a great team of my young colleagues here, in Armenia! Opportunities that the hotel industry offers are numerous and rewarding… it’s not easy to reach the goals though, it never was, but with the passion and love for what you are doing and a genuine interest in the well-being of others and the community, you are on a good way to make your dreams come through.
As Hyatt Place Yerevan is the only Hyatt hotel in Armenia can you please give us more information about Hyatt hotels, specifications of the brand and differences between other brands of Hyatt.
We are the business of caring for our guests, employees, shareholders so they can be their best! We care for our communities and planet through how we source products and how actively we address today’s life-important environmental issues and human rights. These are key areas of our corporate strategy. Our properties are in all ranges of accommodation that the modern hotel industry can offer today, from all-inclusive upscale, luxury, luxury & upper-upscale, luxury wellness, upper-upscale to upscale segment all around the globe! Hyatt’s portfolio consists of twenty brands and it continues to grow further. Hyatt Place is one of them. Its guests never settle. They are mid- to upper-income business and leisure travelers at the very top of the select service category. For several years already, Hyatt Place Yerevan has been among the top 20 best hotels out of 355 Hyatt Place hotels in the world. A remarkable achievement of our team indeed!
You are already working in Armenia for 5 years now. It will be very interesting to know your views about the hospitality market and what changes do you see in recent years.
We witness an impressive change in the hospitality market in the country! More important, it is not that exponential growth per se as critical as the outstanding quality that the current hospitality segment can offer… that’s the best outcome that the country, its government, investors, management companies, in a word the entire community, can be absolutely proud of! Certainly, it can always be better, however, what Armenia offers today to all travelers is a relevant, modern, unique experience galvanized by second to none friendliness and warmth of local community, something so precious and difficult to find nowadays.
What it takes to work in a hotel, or in other words when you are looking for employees for your team what qualities do you expect them to have?
There is no industry where personal characteristics, as the most indicative component of successful employment, sooner or later, would not prevail. In our case, this is on the top of the list. We have so many bright examples of our colleagues and our ex-colleagues whose commendable career progress speaks in favor of this approach to Human Resources management. I am so proud of the team and our ex-employees who continue contributing to the success of the businesses they work for, consistently and in the most effective way.