Hayk Veyshtort – Executive Chef at SEASONS Restaurant

You are the executive chef for Seasons Restaurant. Please tell us about the new concept of Armenian cuisine you are trying to bring to the market.
Armenian new cuisine is a hybrid of new and old, traditional and innovative! In practice, we cook the endemic and purest products that grow in this soil with techniques brought from the best restaurants abroad. It is our childhood taste on a new fine dining plate. To cut it short – emotions and finest products are cooked intelligently so that to squeeze the finest from the dish.
Before coming to Armenia, you worked in Michelin star restaurants in Spain and also in high level restaruants in Russia . Can u please tell us how you decided to come to Armenia?
Russia does not have Michelin star restaurants yet, but it was a very good school. In reference to Michelin star restaurants, I have been to many and have been lucky enough to have experienced formation in Spanish, Danish highest quality restaurants. My decision was made absolutely spontaneously. I met the founders of “Seasons” in the restaurant I worked, they made me a partnership offer I could not refuse. When I saw the restaurant, in reality, it caught my heart – I took the challenge and agreed to the offer.
What are the main challenges of our hospitality and service industry in your opinion and what are the solutions that you see?
Any sphere requires work and self-progress to become successful. We lack it. The pursuit of perfection that lies deep in our genes needs to be awakened. Hospitality and service are communication, we need to learn to listen to each other and react properly.

Share with us your recipe for having a high-quality restaurant with cuisine and professional service.
Dream and Courage! Courage to dream high and chase it. There is a level of perception when aesthetic pleasure dominates the stomach needs when this level is achieved quality comes to the fore.