First of all, let me thank you for your interest in Best Western Plus Paradise Hotel Dilijan. I must say, the main advantage of Dilijan, is in its nature, which is amazing and beautiful in all seasons. From the Soviet-era Dilijan was considered a resort town, which was the main reason to establish a hotel complex in the city, in that era Dilijan was famous for its nature and for its wonderful climate, but the infrastructures as such was not developed in the city and unfortunately, the mentioned problems are still an issue in Dilijan.
The appearance of an international brand hotel in Dilijan was a bit complicated in terms of technical issues, but I think it was also a good premise for the development of the city. The hotel has been operating since 2011 and has been a member of Best Western International Hotel Chain since its establishment.
After years of hard work, we were able to raise the hotel category in to PLUS, about two years ago, maybe few of our guests have noticed this small addition to our brand, but I can assure you that this was a reward for a long years of hard work, and I can proudly mention that our team had succeeded, and now there is an addition to the name of the hotel with the word PLUS, to be more clear to the readers, it means that the hotel offers more high-quality service and has high-quality infrastructures than the basic standard requirements of Best Western, such decisions are made after positive results of many international forensics, I am pleased and proud that we have succeeded in this process, the key to success is the professionalism that there is in our team, our outstanding cuisine and high quality service which the guests start to feel entering the lobby and all the other facilities that our hotel offers, and in addition, great importance is given to all the positive and the negative feedbacks, by reviewing guest suggestions, we make decisions to improve the hotel segments which the negative feedbacks are more predominant.
Most of our guests visit us again and imagine their enjoyment to see that their feedbacks are valued and improvements are made by the hotel. Many travel companies have started to consider Dilijan as a tourist city, after the establishment of Best Western in Dilijan, which we are very proud of, but also this comes with great responsibility. The hotel is constantly in the process of being upgraded and every year we offer our guests a new service such as: new conference rooms, outdoor pool, new room categories, cafes and more, and all of these improvements are appreciated by our regular guests and not only.
As you may know the tourism in Armenia is developing very rapidly, and regarding this, the interest in our hotel is growing too, due to the high demand, it was decided to build another building, to increase the number of our rooms by 35.
The high season for our hotel has been prolonged, it starts in April and lasts until November.
February and March are considered to be low season. In my opinion for this matter to not be an issue, the intervention of the government is required in order to provide touristic flow during these months
In particular, the study of international experience shows that during the low season of many tourist cities numerous festivals, exhibitions and other events are organized by the government, which provides the flow of tourists. Of course, the city needs to be ready to accommodate a larger number of tourists, and unfortunately, Dilijan still has a lot of issues regarding the roads, transport, water, and more. We hope that these problems will gradually be resolved and that Armenia, as a tourism center, will take its rightful place on the world map.

Each Best Western branded hotel is independently owned and operated.

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Best Western Plus Paradise Hotel Dilijan is a modern, elegant and luxury hotel overlooking the mountains of Dilijan. Perfect for romantic, family and business trips. The hotel’s friendly and professional staff, the high-quality service that meets the international standards and the unique architectural design is the only reason that creates an excellent environment for your perfect rest and efficient work. The hotel features a spacious lobby, conference halls, winter garden, stylish cafe, bar and restaurant, wellness center which includes outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna, steam room, and gym. The hotel has 100 spacious and comfortable guest rooms that conveys peace and elegance. For many years now the hotel is the number one in the ranks of TripAdvisor in the region. Since the establishment of this luxurious hotel, Best Western Plus Paradise Hotel Dilijan has undergone many changes, yearly renovations, room additions and the most important, the additions of solar panels throughout the hotel, and this is one more step closer of becoming an eco-friendly hotel. The hotel is located in the picturesque site of mountainous Dilijan resort town, on the interstate highway connecting Armenia and Georgia. We trust that your stay will be one unique experience, which will be cherished for a lifetime.